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The Secure Life Group is a supplemental unemployment company that is available in the United States with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and New Hampshire. We provide the security that you need in the form of financial stability in the event that you are unable to work for reasons not of your doing. The founder of the company has seen firsthand the events of being unable to pay his bills due to losing his income. He was in the military and served his country well, but when he came home and needed help they were no where to be found. He lost his home his car and his family, at this point he decided to find a way to prevent anyone else from these tragedies and that‘s when The Secure Life Group LLC was born. His loses don’t have to be yours because we are offering to protect you from Unemployment, Long Term and Short Term Disability, Workman Compensation, Military Transition and Retirement Transition. What more can you ever need? You pay for every insurance on the planet with the exception of the one you really need, the protection of your daily life. Well here is your opportunity don't miss it.