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Supplemental Unemployment Insurance is a way for you to provide you and your family with financial stability in the event that you become unable to work. We at the Secure Life Group LLC will provide you with 100% of your base pay to assure that you can provide for your household.

At The Secure Life Group LLC, we cover you for Supplemental unemployment, Workman Compensation, Long Term and Short Term Disability, Maternity Leave, Military Transition Pay and for our loyal members if you hold our policy for a minimum of 5 years and you are of retirement age The Secure Life Group LLC, will pay you for up to 6 months at your base pay to transition you into retirement. There also is what we call a Union Election that will cover people that are in unions and go on strike.

Your premiums are based on your base pay and the amount of coverage you choose. Example if your base pay is $400.00/wk. and you choose the 5% policy then the math would be 400 x 5% = $20/wk. or 400 x 0.05 = $20/wk. base salary is defined as a 40 hours work week not to include overtime or bonuses.

Your payments will be determined by the policy that you choose, to be covered for 6 months you will be charged 5% of your base pay and to be covered for a year you will be charged 10% of your base pay.

Yes, this is so when you go back to work you will not have to start a new policy, and also to make sure that you will remain covered.

Your policy is transferable but you must notify The Secure Life Group immediately so that all the adjustments can be made to your policy.

Yes, depending on your case our requirements are somewhat similar to theirs but The Secure Life Group is not affiliated with no state of federal institution.

The Secure Life Group will not cover anyone for more than $250,000 per year. So if your base pay exceeds $250,000/yr. your coverage will be based on that $250,000 cap.

You must be a member for a minimum of one year before you can file a claim.

Your payouts will begin after the mandatory 10 day investigation period.

You will receive direct deposits into the bank account provided on Friday, until you go back to work or the payment schedule ends whichever comes first.

Yes, your entire household can sign up.

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements.

You must be on a long term assignment and you must complete a minimum of 3,120 hours of work before you can file a claim.